Xiaomi to launch its line of processors later this month

Xiaomi is set to launch its Pinecone processor later this month. Xiaomi’s first chipset will be revealed in Beijing on February 28, which coincides with MWC 2017, according to published reports.

The Chinese manufacturer said via Weibo, a social media site, that it will deliver the new chip within the month alongside its upcoming handset, the Xiaomi Mi 5c, according to reports.

Xiaomi announced that they were developing their own chips in mid-2015 when the vice president of processor manufacturer Leadcore announced a partnership with Xiaomi to help it design them. This would make Xiaomi the second Chinese smartphone manufacturer, after Huawei, to produce its own processing units, reports said.

Xiaomi devices use Qualcomm and MediaTek for its chipsets, like many Android manufacturers. By developing its own processors, Xiaomi is more able to make its phones unique, which could be an advantage in China and other crowded markets..

It is also expected to be cheaper for the company to build its own chips, rather than buy them.

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