Wrap-Up: Our pick of main stories, Monday November 2nd, 2015


@iLabAfrica to hold December Holiday Bootcamp for school students….. Co-op Bank partners with SimbaPay for Diaspora remittances……. Safaricom at 15, here are the 15 major milestones achieved….and much more.

@iLabAfrica to hold December Holiday Bootcamp for school students

In the light of current risks both positive and negative that come with more children being exposed to the internet at an early age, and as students gear up for the December Holidays,every parent wants their kids to enjoy the holidays but at the same time they want them occupied with positive activities that engage them mentally and physically so as not to fall into wayward activities, @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University is organizing a 10-day Holiday Boot Camp for Primary and High School Students.

Co-op Bank partners with SimbaPay for Diaspora remittances

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya has partnered with SimbaPay to offer international money transfer services to the bank’s customers in the Diaspora. Co-operative Bank accounts receiving the funds will be credited instantly. The service is currently available for the UK-Kenya remittance corridor only and will be expanded to cover more countries soon.

#Safaricomat15: Here are the 15 major milestones achieved

The year 2015 has seen Safaricom mark 15 years since it was officially launched and has seen Safaricom launch a number of promotions to thank its 17 million customers. A look back in to Safaricom’s history, Safaricom was based on an analogue ETACS network and was upgraded to GSM in 1996 (licence awarded in 1999). Safaricom Limited was incorporated on 3 April 1997 under the Companies Act as a private limited liability company. It was converted into a public company with limited liability on 16 May 2002.

Bungoma County to launch $2 million Tech Hub at ICT Forum in December

Bungoma County is set to launch the Matili Technology Hub (mtHub) during the upcoming ICT Convention and Innovation Forum. The event is scheduled to take place on the 17th and 18th December at the Matili Technical Training Institute.

Kaymu Kenya appoints former Jumia boss as new MD

Kaymu Kenya has appointed Jean Jacques Maikere, a former Jumia country manager, as the new Managing Director. Mr. Maikere was the Country Manager of Jumia Angola, he has been appointed in place of Aleeda Fazalin. Maikere’s background includes him working in the financial sector at Earnest and Young, as an auditor. Before that he had a long internship at Thomson Reuters. The new Kaymu MD found his way to Jumia Angola after his stint at Earnest and Young.

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