WISeKey, Microsoft supports Rwanda’s secure transactions using Blockchain Technology



WISeKey International Holding, a cybersecurity and IoT solutions company, recently announced a collaboration with Microsoft aimed at facilitating the Rwanda Government Blockchain project as the country journeys to becoming more digitised.

This solution incorporates WISeKey’s identity management capabilities with Microsoft Azure Blockchain capabilities to enable secure transactions, digital authentication and legally binding signatures – all aligned to the Rwandan Government’s Blockchain project.

The objective is to bring the Rwandan government and its private sector closer to realising the benefits of digital transformation with a more open, transparent and publicly verifiable system that will fundamentally change the way value-exchange, assets, enforcement of contracts, and sharing of data across industries will be experienced.

The Rwandan Blockchain project which was established earlier this year in partnership with WISeKey’s Blockchain Centre of Excellence aims to position the country as a key player in digital transformation by providing citizens and businesses access to policy, technical and business expertise which ultimately aims to facilitate growth in the country.

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