Will artificial intelligence outdo natural intelligence?


My colleague, once asked to justify why he needed weekends off simply said he was not a machine. His response, like we’ve heard differently and more than enough times, insinuates that the perfection of working without rest is only achievable by machine and not human capabilities.

That people cannot work for long hours or just not deliver to perfection because they are not machines presses a score for artificial intelligence against the natural intelligence as used by machines and humans respectively.

Maybe I am justly to think so, but can machine intelligence also (AI) outsmart or just outdo human intelligence (NI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined by techtarget.com as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

“These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction,” continues techtarget.com.

EDUCBA.com defines Human Intelligence as the quality of the mind, made up of capabilities to learn from past experiences, adapt to new situations, handle abstract ideas and the ability to change an own environment using the gained knowledge and adds that this intelligence can provide information also data on interpersonal relationships and networks of interest.

From the afore-definitions, AI is solely driven by data which is only sourced by NI and which it only simulates after specific set of programing is done.

An average person is estimated to produce 200MB of data every day that translates to huge chunks of data by the billions of humans in the globe. This data goes to the feeding and growth of AI- the main reason why AI is growing rapidly; (readily available data).

The human role doesn’t end there. They also convert the raw data into processed information that is consequently fed into the machines for the grand simulation process.

AI simulate basic logical works like dynamic calculations to creative artwork creations, leaving most people vulnerable to the insecure feel of AI outsmarting human intelligence even fearing for their jobs. Truth is, AI feeds on chunks of data that it cannot mine or hunt for, which is the major role of humans in the artificial intelligence space.

Whereas educba.com enlists the significant dominance areas of AI as speed of execution, less or no bias, no saturation point thus reliable operational ability and accuracy, the head to head comparison of the two depicts humans as superior with different intrinsic abilities. It reports that when humans can revolve around adapting an environment using a combination of several cognitive processes, machines can best be designed to mimic such behaviors.

Although the human brain is considered analog as opposed to the digitized machine operating systems, humans have the ability to learn decision making from experienced scenarios unlike even the most advanced of robots, which after 60 years of research and development, can hardly compete in mobility with a six-year old child.

“Human intelligence is based on the variants they encounter in life and responses they get which may result in millions of functions overall in their lives while artificial intelligence is developed for specific tasks only thus not easily applicable on other tasks,” reads the educba report on the comparison of human and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence was or is developed to enhance the speed of new human inventions so as to clear all the repetitive and common-sense based works, tasks do not longer require human intelligence for completion will be overtaken by the Artificial Intelligence, to give humans more time and power to think about new inventions for the future.

Artificial intelligence is not meant to lead the Human beings, it was invented to assist and enhance the power of Human Intelligence. It is as a servant meant to compliment the humans intelligence that is eternal. It is to humans what calculators are to mathematics.

Over history, humans have remained a superior being not liked even to animals some believed to have an originality similar to that of man. AI is however feared to somewhat overtake this superiority. The ‘Servant surpassing the master’.

AI only works when data is availed as I noted above. This singular fact then overturns fears of AI surpassing humans- the source of this data, without which Al cannot run. AI is also programmed by humans rendering the former useless without the latter. If no or wrong data is fed to the machines, then it stops being intelligent. So artificial intelligence remains the powerful servant of the human being’s natural intelligence.



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