Why Colocation is right for your Business


You may be wondering, what really is data center colocation? Well, co-located data centers are enterprise grade data centers with multiple customers or businesses sharing infrastructure. Typically, the colocation service provider will provide the building, cooling, power, bandwidth or connectivity, rack space and security, while the client provides server systems, storage and applications. In essence, colocation allows organizations to access data center facilities as a service without the need to build or manage, and on a subscription basis. Now, let me show you how colocation can maximize your business potential.

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Focus on your core business
If data is the new gold, then data centers are the gold reserves of your organization. Maintaining a stellar data center is crucial for any organization be it a small business or a large enterprise. However, an on-prem data center comes with the associated costs and risks of powering, maintaining and managing an in-house server. Colocation allows you to outsource this function to an offsite data center facility thus allowing you to do what you love.
Access to Global Connections

With increased globalization of the world economy, local businesses are increasingly in need of access to the global marketplace. A collocated business is a business that is connected globally. This is because carrier-neutral data centers in collocated facilities are the epicenters of global connectivity meshes. Achieving this level of connectivity with an in-house data center may be cost prohibitive if not impossible all together. Colocation gives your business that global edge.

Fault-proof Redundancies

In today’s connected world uptime is a non-negotiable. Collocating in an offsite data center gives your business the edge of benefiting from fault tolerant ICT infrastructure riddled with multiple layers of redundancies. From power, cooling, security, uninterrupted power supply systems, to network connections, collocated data centers ensure that critical systems that power your ICT infrastructure are always available and redundant.

The right colocation partner will keep your business online.

To learn more about cloud, join CIO East Africa at the upcoming East Africa Cloud and Security Summit; to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from the 28th-29th of March.
A stepping stone to the cloud

Finally, with the advent of cloud computing, many organizations are now implementing cloud migration strategies. Colocation provides a smooth migration path from on-prem IT architectures to the cloud. By moving your equipment to an offsite facility, a colocation provider can leverage expertise, capabilities, and volume in ways that are challenging for a single enterprise to achieve thereby providing increased capacity and performance to support business needs. A colocated business is a cloud ready business.

Nixon Thuo is a Consulting Services Solutions Architect at Internet Solutions

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