Watch The Trail Of This Shooting Star

This week celebrates Maureen Mwaniki as a role model for Women In Tech Wednesday. Her recent appointment and promotion is an ode to her success and professionalism in the field of technology and business.


Who better than Maureen Mwaniki to lead today’s Women In Tech Wednesday segment? As an effective and effervescent role model and experienced tech leader, we excitingly follow along and bask in the motivation of her experience and expertise. Maureen is a shooting star whose trail we can follow and purposely be empowered by, as she has now been promoted to the Vice Director of the Delivery Operations Centre in Huawei Technologies.

She is exceedingly passionate about the economic empowerment of women and is the Director of Women In Tech Huawei. The initiative is tailored to train, support and ensure women have a reserved space in the tech-business industry and are not only a part of, but rather actively engaged in it’s value increase.

Behind her leadership, Huawei has seen a myriad of successes with the initiative and has engaged in the success of eight women owned businesses within the telecommunications and engineering sector since its launch in 2019.Having worked in the tech industry for 7+ years, it is of no wonder that she is within the right and throes of expanding her digital reach by her now proposed roles as Vice Director.

She holds several responsibilities. One of them entail ensuring end-to-end management for all projects in Kenya and Somalia and meeting project management goals as consequently assuring customer satisfaction. This encompasses developing and implementing various strategies that meet all digital, financial and quality objectives of the Delivery Operations Centre (D.O.C)

With her watchful expertise, she’s in charge of supervising and monitoring continuous operation and ensuring process visibility, digitization and consolidation of the D.O.C database. As a leader of astute quality, she is also in charge of upholding quality standards as per customer and Huawei requirements. On par with standards, she is also responsible for certifying that all projects meet the environmental, health and safety standards as per the local and international laws, customer and Huawei regulations.

Her new role also expands into nurturing customer relationships and seeking to uncover new opportunities for additional client support, developing and managing strong and effective teams across regional domains and maintaining the D.O.C technological quality systems through creative, innovative and continuous advancement and workforce involvement.

Maureen is a leader who envisions inspiration and embodies motivation as her journey is an impressive and progressive story that can be used to solidify why we need more women in technology, as pioneers who encourage and empower the industry on all accords.



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