VMware pens sponsorship agreement for CIO100 Symposium and Awards

Delegates listen at a past CIO100 event

As the digital revolution begins to take root in Kenya, the country’s digital imprint is on the verge of making considerable strides through the advent of new and upcoming technologies. As the industry becomes receptive to the advantages of technology and online interfaces, Vmware have gone ahead and inked their dedication towards the upcoming CIO100 Symposium and awards.


The event, taking place on the 21st of November, at the Lake Naivasha Resort, promises to deliver an exciting gathering of CIO’s and senior IT and business executives. Allowing for the forging of new partnerships, networking with inspiration drawn from the East African IT and technology landscape.

CIO East Africa hosts the forum themed; “Harnessing technology in the age of automation” aiming to reward various businesses for implementing and utilizing technology in their respective fields. The awards are categorized according to the fields of agriculture, financial service institutions, IT and telecom providers and retail manufacturing and transport.


Vmware, on a rapid trail to revolutionize old paradigms and patterns, came aboard the sponsorship band wagon on a mission to reveal, deliver and implement solutions that would cater to the need of wider markets. With a changing technology landscape being the playing ground, through the CIO100 Symposium and awards, the linking together of industry players and connecting them with engaging workshops on various aspects affecting information, technology, and insights will be well received. Plus, the learning of new automation and  the ways in which it can be used to drive the digital transformation.


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