Vivo Xplay 5 Sports FPC Sensor


A new smartphone from China-based Vivo features a Fingerprint Cards sensor called the Vivo Xplay 5, the device will use an FPC1035 sensor model for fingerprint scanning.

It was announced at a special event today, and seems to be aimed at the upper-middle range of the smartphone price spectrum. The device features a 5.43″ Super AMOLED QHD display and 128GB of storage, and runs on a Snapdragon 652 processor. It will launch in China for about $565; meanwhile, a slightly more advanced model called the Xplay5 Elite will launch for about $655.

It isn’t the first time that Vivo has turned to FPC to enable fingerprint scanning on its mobile devices. Toward the end of last year, the Vivo X6 smartphones were launched, and featured the same FPC1035 model.

For FPC, it’s another reflection of the company’s leading position as a fingerprint sensor supplier to smartphone OEMs, with FPC having seen a huge uptick in revenues over the past year. It’s also a sign of the growing market for smartphone fingerprint sensors as they become increasingly standard features.

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