Virtual Cloud And Security Summit Sponsored by First Distribution

The rapid explosion of cloud usage has accentuated security challenges. In some instances, left organisations insufficiently prepared to tackle the security concerns associated with using cloud services. Hence, why the information security industry, and Cloud service providers will deliberate on strategies, tools and solutions to ensure your organisation is secure at the virtual Cloud and Security Summit, on the 22nd and 23rd of October. #CIOCSS

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While many companies have settled on the benefits of cloud computing, they’re equally deterred by the security threats. It’s a dynamic environment where things are always changing, like security threats themselves.

A big portion of security is concerned with access. Traditional environments usually control access using a perimeter security model. Cloud environments are highly connected, making it easier for traffic to bypass traditional perimeter defences.

Now, the delivery of information technology services over the internet, has become a must for businesses and governments seeking to accelerate innovation and collaboration. So just how can this happen effectively without risking business processes to growing threat vectors?

Most cloud providers attempt to create a secure cloud for customers. Their business model hinges on preventing breaches and maintaining public and customer trust. Cloud providers can attempt to avoid cloud security issues with the service they provide, but can’t control how customers use the service, what data they add to it, and who has access. This is where the cloud and security dilemma occurs.

To set this dilemma to ease, it is noted that First Distribution has waded into these deep waters. The company is one of the leading brands behind cloud solutions. First Distribution’s premier cyber security vendors offer a wide range of cyber security technologies including network layer security, email security, firewalls, antivirus software, browser security and ‘Unified Threat Management’ (UTM), a comprehensive solution that has recently emerged in the network security industry as a primary network gateway defence solution for organisations. This outlines just how intensive managing, identifying and maintaining the appropriate security controls for cloud can be.

It is clear that there are endless vulnerabilities to detect and manage. Hence, why the virtual Cloud & Security Forum 2020 is designed to assist in driving an impartial and informed dialogue in the rapidly evolving information security industry. Having continued to create an environment for making new connections, the summit with visionary speakers at the nexus of new technologies and cyber security solutions purposes to share their insights and demonstrate their ability to safeguard customer data.

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