Veeam to engage a single resource in Kenya to oversee East Africa

(L-R) Mr. Cristian Suteu, Inside System Engineer, Middle East & Eastern Europe, Veeam and Peter Nel, District Manager, Veeam Africa during the company's Hyper –Availabilty event hosted by CIO East Africa in Nairobi.

Veeam, a leading software backup company is setting up its footprint in East Africa with Nairobi as its hub to have a single resource personnel in charge of the region. 

Peter Nel, District Manager, Veeam Africa said in the next six months, the organisation shall engage the single resource personnel and further projected to establish a local Veeam office in Nairobi. 

“My primary responsibility right now within the next six months is to have a single resource based in Nairobi with capabilities in the technical, channel and can interact with the customer,” Nel said during the company’s Hyper –Availabilty event hosted by CIO East Africa in Nairobi. 

Themed: “Hyper-Availabilty is Mission Critical, the session addressed the challenges that modern enterprise face in managing and mining the data they produce and use in addition to ensuring that the digital experience is always optimised for internal and external customers.  

Veeam has an availability suite set to solve these challenges ensuring business leaders have a deep understanding of how enterprise data is changing and how new technologies and approaches can unleash its full value. 

“To meet this new reality, where enterprise data is scattered across many different clouds and systems, it’s not enough for data to be backed up, secure, and available. Enterprises need to become Hyper-Available,” Nel added. 

Veeam introduces the Five Stages of Intelligent Data Management to achieve hyper-availability by ensuring the enterprises understand the stages that they are in their journey.  

Mr. Cristian Suteu, Inside System Engineer, Middle East & Eastern Europe, Veeam categorised the five stages into policy and behavior based as follows:- 

Stage One: Backup 

Back up all workloads and ensure they are always recoverable in the event of outages, attack, loss, or theft. This stage is about making sure you can get your data back if it is lost or compromised, and that your business can survive. 

Stage Two: Aggregation 

Ensure protection and availability of data across multi-cloud environments to drive digital services and ensure an aggregated view of service level compliance.  This stage allows instant access to any data, any app, anywhere to drive recovery, analytics, application development, and uninterrupted digital services. 

Stage Three: Visibility 

Improve management of data across multi-cloud environments with clear, unified visibility and control into usage, performance issues, and operations.  This stage provides a “single pane of glass” so that a full view of one’s environment is possible. 

Stage Four: Orchestration 

Seamlessly move data to the best location across multi-cloud environments to ensure business continuity, compliance, security, and optimal use of resources for business operations. Getting from here to the next stage moves us beyond policy-based mechanisms to true automation. 

Stage Five: Automation 

Data becomes intelligent, location-aware, and self-managing.  At stage five, you achieve true Intelligent Data Management in your Hyper-Available Enterprise. 

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