UK Entrepreneurs behind Korean cooking brand launch mobile game app

Mrs Kim, a Flappy Bird style runner game.

The UK Entrepreneurs behind Yogiyo, a Korean cooking brand have taken a step in the opposite direction with the release of “Mrs Kim”, a Flappy Bird style runner game.

“Mrs Kim” lets players take the role of a feisty Korean matriarch who must pursue her tyrannical son to give him the spanking he deserves. Combining addictive gameplay with positive and colourful aesthetics, “Mrs Kim” is such an exciting experience you might need to lie down after playing it.

“Mrs Kim is based on the Korean idea of the Ajumma, a middle-aged mother you wouldn’t want to cross. And if my own mother is reading this, Mrs Kim is based on someone else’s mum. You wouldn’t know her, she’s from out of town.” – Sue Youn

“Sue and I lived in South Korea for 4 years and whilst there I learned two important things. Koreans make the best food, and the most fearsome mothers.” – Ben Ansah

The UK-based Yogiyo brand has enjoyed a rapid rise since founders Ben Ansah and Sue Youn first appeared on a BBC television programme for new businesses. And after securing funding from prominent UK businessman Peter Jones, Yogiyo is currently expanding its product range and international export opportunities.

The couple believe that their Mrs Kim character will resonate with gamers around the world, who will all know what it feels like to be scolded by mother when you’ve broken her favourite vase or shaved the family dog.

“Mrs Kim” was released as a free download on the App store and Google Play store.

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