Uganda upbeat on electric bus

The Kayoola Bus, an electric Bus manufactured in Uganda

Uganda recently tested its first electric bus, which is the first of its kind on the African continent.

Though still a concept, Kiira motors, the maker of the bus, is constructing a vehicle plant at the Jinja industrial and business park where the company is expected to produce 5,000 vehicles annually.

The bus, named Kayoola Solar Bus, relies on lithium-ion batteries to power an electric motor that is coupled to a 2-speed pneumatic shift transmission. This technology serves to conserve the environment and public health.

The tell-tale signatures of traditional diesel engine buses – plumes of dark smoke blowing out of the tailpipe and a grumbling engine sound — are replaced by a soft whine as soon as the electric bus accelerates.

Authorities in the capital Kampala could take it up as a means of clean, carbon free transport.




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