Uganda to host 5th National Conferrence on Communications in October

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Uganda to host 5th National Conference on Communication
By Ambrose Gahene
The 5th National Conference on Communications (NCC) will be held in Kampala, Uganda, from 10th- 11th October 2019. The NCC provides an opportunity to build capacity and strengthen the academia and industry communities in communications particularly in the research of locally relevant solutions.
The NCC provides students, researchers, developers, and practitioners with a platform to address new research challenges, share solutions and discuss issues relevant to the communications sector of Uganda. The NCC will also host keynote and invited speakers to share their views on communications from regulation, social-economic, political and gender perspectives.
The conference is being organized by College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT), Makerere University and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), according to Dr Jonathan Serugunda, the NCC contact person at the Secretariat of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Serugunda says among topics to be discussed include; Internet of Things (IoT),Communication Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Broadcasting, CT infrastructure for technology, CT security issues in developing countries and Cloud Computing among others.

The NCC Secretariat further announced that; the Conference is to give industry players an opportunity to share their experiences, challenges and adoption of latest technologies to solve these challenges. “The technologies are not limited to specific industries (for example business, engineering, agriculture, public sector, health, etc) and different application areas (business intelligence, smart cities, transport, etc). However, the technology should rely on communications technology and the paper should clearly reveal this component”, says a source from the NCC Secretariat.

“The Source in addition says; the industry track aims to facilitate and enhance discussions between industry players and academicians on the best way to create synergies to solve local problems. We welcome contributions based on any or all the following: Success stories of adoption of new technologies to solve real world problems, especially focusing on what the problems were and how these new technologies have been harnessed to provide credible and sustainable solutions”, adds Dr Serugunda.

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