Uber introduces business profiles in Kenya


Uber which has been in the country for a year and few months after joining the Kenyan market in January 2015 where they have had a few milestones as it recently launched their operations in Mombasa and also allowed Kenya to be the second country to use cash to pay for the service.

This is not forgetting the partnership with Kenya National Association of the Deaf (KNAD) which will see the company provide a modified version that disables the calling functionality on the app.

The U.S based company has introduced Uber for Business product in Kenya which enables one to easily switch between business and personal profiles with a tap.

This will have users simply add their work email to their Uber account and then the service will update itself effectively which will enable the user to add a note when requesting a ride to see exactly what each receipt was for. This will make expense reporting easier by keeping work and personal trips separate with profiles. The trips will then be automatically billed to the company and you’ll see every business ride with the expense code, cost, vehicle type, and route.

Uber for Business has made employers lives easier as he/she can add or remove employees from their account and see trip information for every ride hence all trips are billed to one payment method, so all expenses are in one place. The employer also sets policies such as when and where your employees can ride and Uber ensures that only trips that follow your policy can be charged to your company account.

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