Uber has 21 days to appeal London ban


Uber has been denied a new private hire licence by Transport for London (TfL). The taxi hailing app has been given 21 days to appeal the decision.

As per a report by BBC, TfL concluded the ride-hailing app firm was not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence.

“It said it took the decision on the grounds of public safety and security implications,” BBC added.

Uber has come out to confirm that they would indeed appeal against the decision through their general manager in London Tom Elvidge, who said:

“To defend the livelihoods of all those drivers, and the consumer choice of millions of Londoners who use our app, we intend to immediately challenge this in the courts.”

He said Uber operated in more than 600 cities around the world, including more than 40 towns and cities in the UK.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said in a statement: “I fully support TfL’s decision – it would be wrong if TfL continued to license Uber if there is any way that this could pose a threat to Londoners’ safety and security.

“Any operator of private hire services in London needs to play by the rules.”

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