Twitter verifies Kenya government’s official newsroom account Baraka Jefwa


Nexus’ official twitter account has been Verified, Nexus is the Kenyan Government’s official news room.

The announcement was made via a tweet posted on the Nexus twitter account – @NEXUSKE – where they appreciated the verification and confirmed what exactly they do.

“Thanks @twitter for verification. Nexus is the Official Government Newsroom. #CommunicatingTransformation”. The tweet read.

The twitter account has 83,900 followers, whom responded to the announcement in different ways, an example of the responses includes:

“@nexuske @twitter @oleitumbi can my account also be verified because i don’t see if ill ever stop using @twitter” ‏@MedrickLih tweeted.

This means that the account will now have a blue verified badge on their Twitter profile right of the profile name. The mark also confirms the identity of the person or company that owns the account.

The main reason people or an organization should verify their account is to prove that their page is not a fake.

According to a post published on Twitter’s help center, verification assists twitter users while searching for a specific person

“Twitter verifies accounts on an ongoing basis to make it easier for users to find who they’re looking for.” The post reads. “We are constantly updating our requirements for verification. Note, verification does not factor in follower count or Tweet count.”

Accounts to be verified include highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business and other key interest areas.

Verified account holders have access to the following extra features:

Verified account holders have access to filters in the Notifications page that let them display their Notifications via one of three options: All (default), Mentions and Verified;

Visitors to verified account profile pages can select between two timeline options: No replies or all. No replies, which is the default setting, displays Tweets that are not direct @ replies to fans or followers. All displays every Tweet, including @ replies;

Verified account holders have access to account analytics, including data and characteristics about Tweet engagement and followers;

Verified account holders can elect to opt out of Group Direct Messages.

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