Twitter users can now share tweets through Direct Messages


Twitter’s most recent update will allow users of the micro blogging site to share a Tweet privately with any of their followers.

This update was officially announced through the official twitter blog and states that one can now share a tweet they like with their close friends in the privacy of their Direct Messages.

“Every day, people use Twitter to share what’s interesting. And as you may have heard, now there’s a new way to do that, by sharing Tweets privately using Direct Messages,” states the post.

To access this feature, while using mobile apps, all one has to do is long-press the Tweet in your timeline and choose “Share via Direct Message.”

While on and TweetDeck, tap on the “••• More” icon and select “Share via Direct Message.” The person you share a Tweet with will get a push notification, and the Tweet will display directly in the conversation.

This function is currently only available in either the iOS or Android mobile apps.

The blog post further explains that the introduction of this function was a way of making direct messaging just as interactive as the timeline.

“Twitter is already a great place for public conversation; now it’s also easier to privately discuss things you care about. To start sharing Tweets via Direct Message today, go to, download the Twitter app for iPhone or Android, or check out TweetDeck for web, Chrome and Windows (with Tweetdeck for Mac coming soon),” adds the post.

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