Trust your voice

    Ann Joy Muhoro, speaks on trusting your voice, during the Hernovation segment at the CIO100 Awards and Symposium

    A recurring theme in the context of personal perspectives, Ann Joy Muhoro, head of marketing beer at EABL, expounded on the fact that it is vital to listen to, and trust ones inner guidance system. “It is important to understand what shapes our ability to speak” explained Ann joy, alluding to the understanding that the way in which we are raised is the direction through which our inner voice comes from.

    With an office, or work place setting being unpredictable from time to time, it was made clear that it is a work of art to be able to analyse situations, what you expect from them, and what you would like done from them.

    Leading to the understanding, that to trust ones voice, you must use it. “Do not be afraid to say something if you have something to say” alluding to the fact that, in order to speak, you must be able to trust your voice, hence defining your perspective and your stance in any given situation.

    Ann Joy further went on to clarify that, in any situation, we must be able to understand our roles, socially in the work place and personally, and identify our voice for those particular situations, and trust it.

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