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Traditional Security Alone Is No Longer Enough

Always ensure to secure your organisations' privileged access with Sectona Technologies


Traditional Security Alone Is No Longer Enough
Securing Privileged accounts

It used to be just the admin accounts, the root access, and the DBA accounts that needed were considered privileged. Today every account including service accounts, IoT device accounts, and even ordinary user accounts logging in to laptops or desktops remotely are privileged.

These developments then call for a revamped system of securing the accounts. Unfortunately, traditional cybersecurity is no longer sustainable.

During a webinar, hosted by CIO East Africa in conjunction with Sectona it occurred that security as it today has become too complex as a result often too difficult to manage. Therefore, organizations have to choose to accelerate the move to simpler solutions that alienate complex management demands on IT staff while at the same time building in more secure and seamless integrations.

Speaking at the one-hour session, held on 3rd June 2021 at 3.00 PM EAT, was Pranav Nair, the Director Strategic Alliances and Channel Development at Sectona who noted that modern attack vectors are constantly evolving, making privileges of identities not limited to any set of ideas while privilege vectors are constantly increasing.


While exploring how an innovative privilege management model can be used to secure every user, session, and asset across the IT environment, Nair said, “Organisations are growing more concerned about the ever-evolving threat landscape of cyber-attacks, as they watch large well-known enterprise organizations falling victim to cyber-crime. Every time records are stolen, or just more identity theft increases, business credentials are abused.”

Special access or abilities beyond that of a standard user – privileged access – can be associated with human users as well as non-human users such as applications and machine identities.

“In a hyper-connected world like today’s, businesses must be more involved in cyber security than ever before,” Nair added. ” Sectona offers Privileged Access Management to help enterprises mitigate the risk of targeted attacks on privileged accounts.”

Sectona’s Privileged Access Management Foundation offers ready toolkits to deploy on cloud or on-premise and empowers every team from vendors to application users via a single platform. This makes Sectona PAM’s defense against cyber-crime people-inclusive thus less complex and quick to value.


For more information on the PAM, reach out to Sectona on this link.

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