Toast Masters Testimonials

    David Kariuki, Toast Masters, speaking at the CIO100 Symposium and Awards, 2019.

    Often an underlying notion in the work place, the ability to execute public speeches and talks is a skill that has increasingly come under scrutiny, for its importance, and to the level at which it can swing the stakes in any company, or persons favour. At the CIO100 Awards and Symposium, the Toast Masters testimonial speeches were held, with the focus of the  being the way in which public speaking, learning to execute speeches in front of people, allows for success in the work place, and in personal life alike.

    The Toast Masters club, having established themselves in 33 places in Kenya, aim to help one improve their communication skills, building leadership skills and promoting a healthy balance of communication, whilst ensuring a commendable level of composure during speeches. The compilation of speeches consisted of words from; Catherine Kinyanjui (EABL), Faith Karimi Mbogo (KPMG), Michelle Oduor (Kengen), moderated by David Kariuki (Toast Masters club).

    “Right behind the fear of death, is the fear of public speaking” said Mr. David Kariuki, alluding to the way in which public speaking skills can help tighten an individuals brand, sharpening tools to help create a more impactful presence in the workplace and personal life.

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