Three steps to improving CEM in an increasingly agile world


As customer experience fast becomes a key determinant of success for CSPs, every individual within an organisation will hold some responsibility over it and there is more pressure than ever for businesses to invest in new solutions to manage the needs of their customers.

In order to drive Customer Experience Management (CEM) forward in today’s increasingly agile world, CSPs must work to reshape business models to understand the fast changing needs of their customers and provide enhanced services that will enrich the customer experience.


Udayan Kelkar, Head of Sales and Marketing, Europe, MEA and APAC at Tecnotree provides insight into the steps that CSPs will need to take to execute these changes accurately and effectively:


Foster customer experience as a ‘culture’

In order to enhance every element of the experience and ensure the customer remains at the centre of all business decisions, CSPs will need to foster customer experience as a ‘culture’. It will be extremely important that the C-level leadership within the business provide the right direction and vision for the company. Leading by example, this influence filters down through the rest of the company so that the importance of CEM embodies everyone within the organisation. To achieve this, CSPs will need to re-position their systems and processes to support more integrated product management strategies. It is also important that businesses take the opportunity to learn from their customers through their smart devices and ensure they have efficient business processes and infrastructure in place to make use of real-time customer feedback.


Constant incremental innovation and learning from customer behaviour is a necessary pre-requisite to predicting what the customer will need in the future. At Tecnotree, we work with our customers to utilise information available through the standard BSS stack to enhance the customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle. By understanding their customers’ behaviour, CSPs will be able to alter or create products quickly, while ensuring relevance to the end-user by recommending products, services and actions that will enable better engagement.


Shift telco business modelsto improve CEM

One of the biggest steps that CSPs are taking to contribute to customer experience is through the move to subscription based revenue models. Various try-and-buy and freemium business models are now widely available in the telecom space and CSPs have been forced to respond, both in terms of their end-user offerings, as well as packaging traffic and other services to their OTT partners. With traditional metered subscriptions still largely being the backbone of the CSP business model, some creative thinking will be required for them to adopt new strategies to improve CEM.

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