#TheYearAhead: There are more opportunities in Big Data

The Big Data hype is finally over and we can finally get started making good use of it. 2017 promises to be a big year for Big Data. It is a year that can be called the Year of Intelligence. So, which Big Data trends will affect your organisations in 2017?

According to Dennis Karanja, a business analytics lead with Oracle, 2017 will be quite promising for Big Data and especially for businesses across the country and cutting across all industries from, Agriculture, to health and even Telcos,

Speaking at The Year Ahead conference organised by CIO East Africa, where he touched on the Big Data opportunities, Mr. Karanja identified several key areas that, over the next several months, will drive Big Data in businesses.

Addressing data gravity, he said it will affect Big Data in three key respects.

In the world of customer experience, organizations will need to provide new products and services for any customer anywhere. Organisations will also need to give customized experiences to improve retention and loyalty, acquire new market share to outperform competitors and deliver targeted offers.

The second key area, Karjana said, will be operational efficiency: Organisations will need to use Big Data to improve performance of existing internal processes across business operations, IT ,development and testing. There will also be a need to use Big Data to optimize supply chains, including massive increases in efficiency in addressing various compliance requirements.

The third key area: driving innovation: Big Data will offer new possibilities to help blend mobile-sensor customer data for real time insight, create different products and services for new markets and provide faster time to market with new capabilities.

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