#TheYearAhead: In 2017, 85% of data will be unstructured; most of it will be infrequently accessed


2017 will see 85% of data will being unstructured data,most of which will be infrequently accessed.

Moses Gesami, business development manager, Enterprise Solutions, at Total Solutions discussed Big Data and other topics during The Year Ahead conference organised by CIO East Africa.

“Today enterprise storage environments remain silos of restrictive and expensive vendor specific hardware and software. With escalating costs and flat IT budgets there is need to find more innovative ways to change the Data Centre infrastructure to better support ongoing storage requirements while managing costs,” he said.

Touching on Storage as a Service, he pointed out that the supporting software defined storage is an approach to data storage in which the programming that controls storage-related tasks is decoupled from the physical storage hardware.

“This open and software based approach employs non-proprietary and commodity hardware, allowing organizations to move from cost-prohibitive proprietary controller-based functionality to using open-source software,” he concluded.

The Year Ahead is part of CIO East Africa events, which focus on how technology helps enterprises and individuals succeed in East Africa. CIO East Africa organizes a wide range of events designed to create an ongoing dialogue about the effective use of information and communication technology in modern businesses, the latest trends and key issues, and the changing economic, social, and regulatory environments affecting both the sale and use of ICT.

This year will also see CIO for the first time organize continental events including Africa Security Summit, Africa Cloud Summit, Africa Big Data Summit and Africa IoT summit in different African countries.

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