The rise of digital fitness apps


In an increasingly fast paced world, more and more people are finding time for work, but not enough time to carry out fitness and health exercises. But now, emerging digital fitness apps are on a mission, to bring the gym to you. With the recent advancements made by technology, a gym aspirant can bypass unnecessary paper work, purchase and download an online fitness app just by the click of a button, and access thousands of informative exercise routines that are perfectly suited to be executed within the comfort of one’s home.

The revelations brought about by these digital fitness apps paint a vivid picture as to the steps the technological world is taking, in order to streamline almost every day to day activity with counterparts that can be found on the internet. The apps are structured, and goal focused. Allowing the user to stick to the routine as if they were part of a physical gym. Plus, the apps contain reward schemes, and the user is rewarded for completing or adhering to the regulations of the workout, further boosting motivation to keep carrying out the exercises.

With these digital apps almost eliminating cost and expenditure, it is no mystery why they are fast becoming the most downloaded apps on the various platforms. In line with the digital revolution that is slowly encompassing the world, the apps are coming in built, or already synchronized with new devices such as smart watches, and tablets. Alluding to the fact that, as newer technologies come out, the higher the adoption of digital fitness apps. This would make pose a problem of physical gyms, as with any other threat the advancement of technology poses to traditional outlets.

Ordinarily, when in a regime to build muscle or lose fat, or just to keep fit, a diet must be followed. Not only do the apps provide the workouts, but they outline the diets that should be followed. This shows that as with technology becoming more incorporated with our everyday lives, the attributes are becoming more personalized to an individual, so that the individual can harness the technology to its best degree for purposes that do not necessarily need to revolve around networking, but for work, for fitness and even for cooking.

As the level of these kind of apps saturate the market, the users are left with an immense variety to choose from, in a much more engaging and personalized context than ever before.

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