The multi-faceted LG G5 is a timely device for any customer choice


The launch of the G5 which is LG’s flagship smartphone in 2016 marks a new approach for the electronics giant as they unveiled the modular type design. Users will no longer be required to upgrade your device by acquiring a new handset every time they need to get additional features.

The G5 represents a massive shift in strategy for LG’s flagship smartphone. After the G2’s success, the South Korean company merely iterated with the G3 and the G4. The G5, meanwhile, is the successor to the G4 in name only.

Not only does the G5 finally switch to a metal body, but LG has chosen to go with a modular design, which it says allows you to transform your G5 into a “digital camera, hi-fi player, and more. The sleek device features an expansion slot you can use to swap in batteries and other modules.

The LG G5 is an entirely different phone this year. It’s a 5.3-inch Android phone with a QHD display and metal body. It feels smooth in the hand with seams only for its modular-focused bottom chin. The device comes with abundance of flexibility and multiple components that delivers a tailored experience for any consumer’s choice.

“By simply pinching a button you can remove a bottom piece of the phone and slide out the battery. That alone is a feature worth applauding because premium metal phones with removable batteries are rare, “said Moses Marji, LG Electronics Marketing Manager.

“Moreover, you can slide in optional modular components like an LG Cam Plus camera module which helps you grip the phone like an actual camera, and has its own dedicated power, shutter, record and zoom buttons. It also supplies extra battery power,” he further explained.

A second module is called LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY, and it promises to deliver high-fidelity audio playback. You can use it as a module inside the G5 or connect it to any Smartphone or PC, LG says. Bang & Olufsen is teaming with LG on the product.

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