The Cyber Land Of No Time

Creating the culture of anywhere, anytime- future work place.


Today, work consists of smartphones, social media reliable internet connectivity. These three elements have weaved an intricate web of anywhere, anytime workplace. Although such technology can harmful for those who are not well versed on its cyber risks, for many who use it on the daily, it has become an invaluable resource, much like food or drink, for dramatically improving their lives.

In the modern workplace, technology is as widespread as the air we breathe, new technologies are appearing every day, enabling streamlined processes and improved productivity that ultimately boosts the bottom line.

“The secret of change is not on fighting the old but bringing in the new,” says Henry Bett, Cybersecurity Specialist at Dimension Data.

The new, certainly is the idea of remote working. With the pandemic forcing the country into lockdown, many Kenyans were faced with the reality of working from home. The idea of working remotely isn’t new, but in recent years, it has gained prominence as organizations and employees realize the tangible benefits. “How do we prepare the infrastructure to be future ready? What do we need to be ready for?” asks Bett.

The abundance of new technologies that are bringing workforces closer together, coupled with a shift in work culture over the last few years, means that the future will be filled with big advancements in the remote workforce. Through the right internet infrastructure, this remote workforce will be one where people will not need to leave the comfort of their beds to work.

The digital world is constantly gravitating towards the fresh and new. What was cutting edge yesterday, may not have a place for what is being deemed as cutting edge today. This gives rise to the question on how much importance we should place on securing our digital world. Especially considering that every day, new cyber threats are uncovered.

There is a connotation that cyber attacks only affect large multinationals. Everyday consumers experience phishing schemes, ransomware attacks, identity theft, data breaches, and financial losses. For instance, it takes just five minutes to hack an internet-connected device, which includes your smartphone, smartwatch, on-board automobile computer, smart television, and home control systems.

“Security will always be a topic of concern” continues Bett. This paves way for the understanding that IT security has morphed away from being solely an IT staff job. 2020 has shown that cybersecurity has established itself as one of the top priorities for any tech company, reaffirms Bett.

Organisational executives have understood that cybersecurity is vital for business operations and processes. Through how highly valued cybersecurity has become, the predominant theme during budget planning and allocation now cannot go any further without the mention of Cybersecurity.

The idea behind digital security is far gone from just implementing simple security tools like firewalls and antiviruses. These programs are not sufficient today because threats have grown in scope, sophistication, and strategy.




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