The innovation conversation in business

Dan Kwach, the General Manager at Africa Data Centres, delivers his keynote presentation during the 2019 CIO100 symposium and Awards. (Photo by Arthur Kuwashima)

There is just much that innovation can bring to a business from attracting and retaining the best talents to positioning a company as a business leader even adding more value to customers.

But innovation has become a corporate buzzword for decades now, organisations are beginning to lose sight of what it actually means for to the business and customers.

During the 2019 regional CIO100 Symposium and Awards, Dan Kwach, the General Manager for Africa Data Centres put perspective into the complexity as innovation should be embedded in across every facet of an organisation.

“Organisations can only measure the success of innovation with growth of revenue,” said Kwach during his keynote presentation. Adding; “From transforming supply chain and enabling sales force through to improving workforce productivity and enriching the overall customer experience, innovation ensures the creation of value to the organization.”

Once it gets going, there’s not much innovation can’t bring to a business. it attracts and retains the best talent, positions a company as a business leader and adds more value to its customers.

Technology has not just transformed the world today, it has flipped it upside down empowering today’s consumers to know what they want and how to get hold of it that  businesses globally have all of a sudden gotten frantic in trying to keep up with consumer expectations. This has made smart organisations rethink and prioritise innovation.

“Eliminate projects and processes that will inhibit the innovation progress,” added Kwach. “Smart organisations are studying how new technologies can further improve their businesses, while at the same time examining the threats they may pose.”

Organisations are hiring dedicated innovation teams mandated with discovering new avenues of growth within organisations. Some businesses are just beginning their ascent up the innovation curve, and so the discussions are unfamiliar, fresh and rich with possibility.

Other organisations are steaming ahead and looking more closely at how they can tailor solutions to overcome problems specific to the region.

The innovation conversation in on globally.

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