The Importance Of Unified Communication In A Time Like This

Unified Communications goes way above and beyond what you know about communicating with your colleagues. It is not merely communication, but an entire process that includes a strategy to complete tasks with ease and minimal context switches within a single user interface. MTN Business Kenya has not only taken this to the new level with their latest innovation, but they have modified and enhanced the communication style to fit into any organisational structure.


With each passing minute, the digital transformation sees traditional problems being solved with modern technology. As these new solutions become preferred, your organization needs to evolve to incorporate them. Unified communications is an important part of this evolution on the road to effective digital transformation.

Unified communications requires your organization to integrate technology into every facet of your day-to-day. For example, solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, reduce information and communication overload by condensing multiple conversations and workstreams into one accessible portal. As the needs of your organization changes, so will your user interface.

MTN Business Kenya is able to match the changing needs of your organisation, and plug in a solution to ease the communication processes. Through the brilliant advancements made by MTN Business Kenya, communication technology that is effective and readily available is not far from your fingertips. As we get accustomed to working remotely,
we need reliable, cutting-edge technology to ensure that our communication is effective and just as readily available as it was when we all worked in the office.

Traditionally, desk phones with office numbers have brought a high-level of convenience and reliability in multiple use cases, from making external calls to clients or suppliers, to making zero-rated internal calls to staff both on-premises and across multiple branches.

MTN- Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution integrates your 020-business line with your Microsoft 365 email account using the Microsoft Teams App. As a result, this provides a complete unified communications solution on a single application. The Microsoft Teams application is  available for use on your mobile devices or desktop computers.
MTN Business Kenya has been a trusted, long time partner and provider of enterprise voice solutions and cloud solutions. Therefore, MTN is here to help you unlock the complete value of Microsoft Teams and fast-track your journey to cloud collaboration. Direct routing boosts  your team’s productivity through a complete end-to-end Unified Communication as a service (UCaaS) solution.

The platform provides all the features you would expect from an on-premises PABX, with the added advantage of not having to procure or manage any physical PABX or desk phones. Staying connected with customers is key, especially now that face-to-face meetings are limited. MTN Business Kenya can help you with solutions that add value to your business by enhancing your customer experience and growing your revenues.

MTN Business Kenya, being a long time provider of enterprise voice solutions and a trusted digital transformation partner in your cloud solutions adoption journey, is here to help you unlock the true value of Microsoft Teams
Sign up before 30th January 2021 and you can leverage all the benefits of Teams Direct Routing powered by MTN for less.
Contact MTN Kenya today to find out more about how their solution can help your business, click here.

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