The Focus On Facilitating A Firm Foundation

Ganesan Lakshmanan is a Senior Security Architect at IBM. His presentation on the Cloud and Security summit weaves a delicate fabric that serves to inform us on why cybersecurity is the bedrock of tomorrow's digital business and just how much of an essential need it is, in the on-going operations of every company. #CIOCSS

A strong foundation is the key to creating long term success.

Mr. Lakshmanan is based in Dubai but operates in the MEA region as a Senior Security Architect for IBM, making him the perfect artist to paint the picture of protection and security. Like a tree with deep roots and a sturdy base, the strength of the foundation of your company will determine how unshakeable you are against all elements in the threat landscape. “I work with customers strategically in building their security programs and practices and developing the road map for security as well as building partnerships,” he introduced himself. He is well versed in the numerous processes that collectively work to facilitate a firm foundation for any company, one that is not too easily threatened in the face of an adverse environment.

“We deliver trust, privacy and resilience,” he said. Solidifying a sustainable partnership that is much needed in the threat climate. Digital transformation lays a heavy weight on traditional security programs which weren’t built to handle the immense level transformation the technological world is undergoing. This is a serious concern among security leaders, who have to manage numerous security tools and with more than enough complexity, too many alerts within the infrastructure and not enough skills to manage and maintain. Such a serious concern deserves some serious attention and a call to rethink and remediate your approach to security strategies is imperious in this new era. Transforming the secure ground your firm is standing on will more than likely improve your business.

“IBM believes in driving security into the fabric of the business,” Mr.Lakshmanan continued. Every organization would like to make the process of overcoming their challenges an easier and more direct affair. Imagine a modern, open and unified approach to cyber security that addresses advanced threats across a profusion of new environments and simultaneously maintains compliance and privacy.

A firm foundation must align, protect, manage and modernize. Align the customers’ security strategy to your business needs, protect all data in the ecosystem of users and assets, manage defenses against growing threats, both internally and externally as well as whether known or unknown, all carefully wrapped up in the digital cloak of modernization. Modernization is the key requirement in securing an open, hybrid, multi-cloud platform. IBM sees to it that customer’s security strategies and concerns are doubly assessed and consulted. Ensuring advisory and risk quantification services, multi-cloud security tactics and compliance services. The guardians of limiting your business risks.

“Why IBM? We have the largest enterprise cyber-security services provider,” he remarks. Spearheading past the consumer and diving head first into enterprise protection from cyber-attacks. Laying the land for sturdy ground when it comes to shielding your firm against threats so that continuance of business can have the room to run around securely guarded.

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