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5 Best Examples On How Companies Practise AI

Artificial Intelligence can be thought of as the new age electricity, not because it is habitual in people’s homes, but because it is...


5 Best Examples On How Companies Practise AI

Artificial Intelligence can be thought of as the new age electricity, not because it is habitual in people’s homes, but because it is profound enough to transform the way in which most industries work, forever. With AI no longer being a technology of the future, here are the top five companies that are well on their way, trailblazing the usage of AI to provide next-level products and services.

  1. Amazon

Amazon has AI playing a role in many parts of its business. The company has a digital voice assistant, called Alexa. Alexa relies on natural language generation, processing and machine learning, helping the digital voice assistant to effectively operate and perform better over time. An interesting feature about Alexa is, that she has learnt how to carry over the conversation from one question to the next, the same way humans can handle follow-up questions. Plus, Amazon uses AI to collect data about various individuals buying habits, helping them recommend items to their customers. Its revolutionary, because the AI algorithms can predict what the customers need even before they realize they need it.

  1. Baidu

Baidu is the Chinese equivalent of Google. Baidu has been on the frontline on the creation and implementation of AI systems world over. They have a tool called deep voice, that uses deep learning and AI, to clone a voice. 3.7 seconds of audio is needed, to clone the voice, all automated with no recording studio necessary. Baidu use this technology to create a tool that reads books to the user in the voice. A massive step in the right direction for blind technology users. Allowing the understanding that technology is unlimited.

  1. Facebook

One of the primary ways Facebook uses artificial intelligence and deep learning is to add structure to its unstructured data. They use DeepText, a text understanding engine, to automatically understand and interpret the content and emotional sentiment of the thousands of posts (in multiple languages) that its users publish every second. This AI system is so advanced, that it can identify and pick up messages through its algorithm, that may be suicidal, or advocating harm, whether it be to self or others. The company also uses artificial intelligence to automatically catch and remove images that are posted on its site as revenge porn.


  1. IBM

It has been more than a decade since IBM’s Deep Blue computer became the first to defeat a human world chess champion. Man vs machine competitions have always been the playing ground for IBM’s AI inventions. The most recent AI accomplishment for IBM is Project Debater. It is an AI, cognitive computing engine that competed against two professional debaters, and formulated human-like arguments. The AI is able to absorb massive and diverse sets of information and perspectives in order to help humans solve problems with well-informed decisions.

  1. Alibaba

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is noted to have AI as an integral part of daily operations. The AI, similar to what Amazon has, is used to predict what customers would want to buy. The fundamental difference is that, with natural language processing, the company automatically generates product descriptions for the site. Additionally, Alibaba, through its cloud computing division called Alibaba Cloud, is helping farmers monitor crops to improve yield and cuts costs with artificial intelligence.



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