Tecnotree unveils “Surge”, a Digital Accelerator Platform designed to accelerate Digital Transformation with Micro Services


Tecnotree, the global provider of IT solutions for the telecom industry, yesterday announced in AfricaCom 2019, which was unfolding in Cape Town, South Africa,  the launch of a first-of-a-kind technology platform for Communication Service Providers to adopt Digital Transformation with Micro-Services based architecture bridging existing legacy systems.

Built with open-source technologies, ‘Surge’ is an innovative and modern age offering that empowers CSPs to fast-track digital transformation bridging the legacy services in the existing environment, thereby, ensuring business continuity. ‘Surge’ comes in three different solution packages to suit the business needs of operators of all sizes:

Surge Services – Digital Microservices Accelerator: Fast-tracks digital transformation with open APIs wrapping existing legacy services, allows creation of new APIs on top with microservices orchestration and exposing & monetizing those metered APIs through an API Gateway. Surge Services is a low-code platform that allows CSPs to design processes, manage workflows and also identify process bottlenecks. It also comes with a set of common platform services like Rules Engine, Notification, SSO and ID management.

Surge Xperience – Digital Experience Accelerator: Created on top of the Digital Microservices Accelerator, it includes two out-of-the-box enablers – the Customer 360 and Omni-channel Enablers, which helps CSPs to develop a robust omni-channel customer experience with a 360-degree view of subscribers across all business lines connecting to legacy platforms, as well as a state-of-the-art self-care application that reduces cost of Customer Care.

Surge Revenue – Digital Revenue Accelerator: Created on top of the Digital Microservices Accelerator, it includes an out-of-the-box enabler, Digital Partner Relationship Manager and empowers CSPs to open new monetization opportunities by creating an ecosystem with partner offerings. It enables CSPs to onboard new partners, aggregate, bundle and sell partner offerings as well as the management of complex multi-party settlements.



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