TECNO Debuts AIoT Strategy With Smart Audio And Smart

TECNO, a global smartphone and smart device brand, today debuted its strategic launch of TECNO Smart AIoT ecosystem strategy, marking...


TECNO Debuts AIoT Strategy With Smart Audio And Smart
TECNO’s smart watch is coming soon.

TECNO, a global smartphone and smart device brand, today debuted its strategic launch of TECNO Smart AIoT ecosystem strategy, marking TECNO’s strategic expansion of its business portfolio to AIoT area.

Looking at the rapid evolution into 3G/4G and even 5G era in emerging markets, TECNO unveils a forward-looking “1+N” AIoT strategy with a customer-oriented obsession. Wherein “1” means that customers shall be taken as the core; “N” means N types of living scenarios the customers will experience which includes home interconnection, commerce, education, travel, sport, leisure, entertainment and more in their current and future life. Along with the strategy launch, TECNO also brings a range of new products including smart audio, smart wearables and first smart routing solution of 5G CPE with ultra-high-speed.

“We have constant investment and dedication to our long-term commitment to global emerging markets, with AIoT being one of TECNO’s strategic priorities in the next few years. Standing at the revolutionary point into a new smart living era, we understand consumers’ real needs to high-quality smart products at a competitive price. And we have great confidence and unique advantages to provide consumers there with more visionary and desirable mobile solutions.” Stephen HA, General Manager of TECNO Mobile, commented.


 AIoT is increasingly becoming more mainstream globally, including emerging markets, leading humanity into a more connected future and lifestyle. According to IDC, by 2025, there’s projected to be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices. While, in emerging markets like Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, performance to price ratio is an essential factor that cannot be ignored, according to GFK research.

 TECNO’s First 5G CPE: Ultra high speed, compatible of 3G/4G/5G and highly cost-effective

 The launch of TECNO 5G CPE will be a game-changer to innovate the broadband connections in global emerging markets, especially in African counties.

 With the introduction of 5G, the ecosystem will continue to grow at a much faster rate as 5G will enable the connection of every object, person and machine. It benefits multiple areas includes smart home, intelligent medical, agriculture, transportation, finance and industrial networking of things. With these scenarios being part of TECNO’s “1+N” strategy, the release of 5G CPE plays the prominent role.


 Also, being aware of the low popularity of optical network and incomplete infrastructure versus high network connection cost in emerging markets, especially in African markets, TECNO 5G CPE brings an innovative network connection solution. One which enables ultra-high-speed and compatibility, efficient data exchange while extremely low connecting cost to end-users.

This will put TECNO at a very advantageous position to become one driving force behind the construction of the end-user network connectivity infrastructure with local carriers. Right now, TECNO has just announced its 5G CPE available and target to work with leading carriers to cover several emerging markets gradually. The pilot markets will be South Africa, Thailand and Russia, the future markets Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco, Myanmar, etc.

Competitive Strength of 5G CPE


  • Ultra-high Speed & Compatibility– With the super speed of 5G, TECNO 5G CPE can genuinely realise the ‘Triple-Gigabit’ network speed. For example, users can download a movie within only 4 seconds with the 5G network. In terms of compatibility, the SA&NSA dual networking makes 5G/4G/3G all compatible. The high-performance dual-core processor of TECNO 5C CPE can also realise super-strong WIFI coverage.
  • High Cost-effectiveness- With market price more than half of other brand’s 5G CPE under similar excellent product performance, TECNO 5G CPE shows a remarkable price advantage compared with other industry players. With TECNO 5G CPE, more enterprises and households can get access to truly wireless ultra-fibre broadband experience shortly, making information transmission much easier, super cost-effective and more efficient.

TECNO Introduced A Range of Smart Audio and Smart Wearables to Accelerate AIoT Ecosystem’s Development

 Bearing the real market reality and consumer demand in mind, TECNO aims to build the foundation of the AIoT ecosystem by providing comprehensive product categories. They will do this while also accelerating smart devices and smart connection developments with focus on the most expected top two categories; ‘personal + home’ – in the near term.

Most Recently, TECNO announced new devices of TWS HiPods H2, Smart Watch and Smart Band under the product development philosophy of ‘simply extraordinary’, bring refreshing, smart connecting and convenient experience to their everyday life.

TECNO Audio Products

TECNO has launched HiPods H2 True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth Earbuds in July in global emerging market. It boasts with the latest TWS technology, providing smart connectivity, strong durability, pure stereo sound effect and sleek designs, bringing extraordinary ‘WIRELESS’ audio experience to all ears.

TECNO Smart Wearables

TECNO smartwatch (TECNO Watch 1) and smart band (TECNO Band 1) will also be unveiled soon in global emerging markets, aiming to be the ideal portable mate of consumers for sports, leisure and daily life. Both the smartwatch and smart band features the ultra-long battery life, health management functions including heart rate variation detection, sleep quality monitoring, and the unique function of 24-hour smart temperature monitoring. It includes an abnormal temperature alarm which aims to provide necessary alert to users’ daily health monitoring under the current situation of COVID-19.

Soon, TECNO will be introducing more cool and stylish smart devices. These will range from Bluetooth-related products (TWS, headphones, speakers), MBB products (MIFI, CPE) to smart home gadgets, empowering consumers with excellent smart devices using experience under the era of smart connection.




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