TCRA to enforce use of .tz domain names

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) published a public notice in the Daily News on 1st June, 2016 that calls on all business entities registered in the country to have and use dot(.) tz domain names.

The notice stated that this requirement is in order to comply with the regulatory requirements and to contribute to the national revenue. However, the notice does not give a deadline to do so or limit the use of other domain endings.

Therefore we assume that if you own a .com, .net, .org, or any other domain ending then you are required to register a respective .tz domain name.
Extreme Web Technologies is the top performing accredited registrar of tzNIC.The price of domain registration for .TZ is TZS 25,000/- per annum. If you are using a .com, .net, .org or any other extensions, TCRA has requested to be contacted so as to assist in acquiring the .TZ domain and setup the redirections if required. You can continue using your current domain name for your email communications.

The following are some of the regulatory requirements that business entities should follow:

Any public or business entity in Tanzania shall register and use domains with country?s ccTLD, the dot-tz.
Dot-tz Electronic Communications shall be used for all official correspondences unless where proved technically not possible.The Tanzania Network Information Centre (tzNIC) shall serve both as the technical and administrative Manager of dot-tzccTLD. Any domain name with dot-tzccTLD shall be registered by tzNIC or Accredited Registrars; The Tanzania Network Information Centre (tzNIC) shall from time to time publish the list of accredited registrars on its website. dot-tz electronic addresses and names data base manager and accredited registrars obligations.

According to Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC):

The KENIC policies govern the relations between us, KENIC (registry), the registrar and the customer (the domain-name holder/ owner/ registrant). Submitted applications for domain registration services are approved online, and services are offered by KENIC registrars.

If your .KE domain name registration for a particular domain name previously was provided under arrangement with a previous registry, your continued registration of that domain name and the use of .KE domain name registration services constitute your assent to the terms of our Agreement. If you submitted an application for our .KE domain name registration services, the Effective Date of the Agreement shall be the date of our acceptance of your application. If you previously received .KE domain name registration services from the previous registry, the Effective Date of the Agreement is 1st March 2003.

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