Supreme Court of Kenya grants NASA a read only access on IEBC servers


The National Super Alliance (NASA) finally succeed on getting access to the IEBC servers, though it comes with a read only terms and conditions.

The Supreme Court of Kenya granted the coalition the access, a move which they had requested on August 25.

The judges’ terms and conditions stated that access to the following be allowed;

  1. Information relating to the number of servers be available.
  2. Firewalls without the disclosure of the software version be allowed.
  3. Operating systems without releasing the software version be allowed.
  4. The password policy and the password matrix
  5. System user types and levels of access.
  6. IEBC election technology system redundancy plan comprising of its business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan
  7. Certified copies of petition of penetration tests conducted on the IEBC technology system, prior to and during the 2017 general election which will include certified copies of all reports prepared of elections regulation.
  8. Specific GPRS locations of each KIEMS kit used during the election for the period between the dates including 5th August 2017 and 11th august 2017
  9. A certified list of all KIEMS kits procured but not used and or deployed during the election
  10. Polling station allocation for each KIEMS allocation kit used and or deployed during the election
  11. Polling station allocation for each KIEMS kit used during the presidential election
  12. Technical partnership agreements for the IEBC technology system including but not limited to list of the technical partners and of the access they had and data exchanged.
  13. Logging in trail of KIEMS users.
  14. Logging in trail of IEBC servers.
  15. Original copies of forms 34A, 34B and 34C prepared at the polling station and transmitted to the national tallying centre.
  16. Reading devices to distinguish the authenticity of the all documents they will be offered.

The Registrar of the Supreme Court Esther Nyaiyaki will supervise the access at a venue to be decided later with only two party agents each.

A report on the process is expected to be filed in court on Tuesday by 5pm.

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