Start Up, M-Shule On A Revolution Trail To Revitalise Education


The question we should be asking ourselves is, what can’t AI do? Artificial Intelligence is slowly becoming a part of our regular lives. A trend that is now being noticed within Nairobi and its environs is automated parking spot readers. These were nowhere to be seen five years ago, and slowly but surely, circling round a parking lot, looking for space is now being edged out.

In this way, artificial intelligence is not only changing traditional systems, but it is completely revamping them. The impact Artificial Intelligence is having in the education system is being felt like the seismic tremors of an earthquake. The traditional education methods are changing drastically.

With AI assimilating itself into the education sector, its impact has just been propelled even further because of the pandemic. Now, the academic world has become more convenient and personalized thanks to the numerous applications AI has laid out for the education sector. This has changed the way people learn since educational materials are becoming accessible to all through smart devices and computers. Today, students don’t need to attend physical classes to study as long as they have computers and internet connection.

Harnessing the rise of AI, and considering the technological landscape Kenya resides in, this is where one of the country’s hardest hitting start ups makes an entrance. M-Shule’s platform uses AI to provide personalized training, life skills information, and data tracking over SMS and chatbots. Through the use of an adaptive learning engine continuously analyzing each learner’s ability in order, the learning engine then generates personalized learning tracks to build their skills.

Learners access instructional, academic or vocational content on the most basic phones, with no need for smartphones or internet. As learners interact, the platform analyzes data and delivers reports and analytics to key stakeholders and organizations through SMS and web.  By delivering an all-in-one learning and resource platform possible with the simplest feature phone, M-Shule unlocks new opportunities the learners.

Since AI and education go hand in hand, the new paradigms being brought forth by M-shule could be all that is required to ensure that all students can attain their ultimate academic success. AI systems are using traditional syllabuses to create customized textbooks for certain subjects.

M-Shule is the first adaptive, mobile learning management platform designed to improve performance for millions of primary school students across Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa. This shows a silver lining in which M-shule are able to amp up their level of interactivity and personalised learning.

As a result, textbooks are now being digitized, and new learning interfaces are being created to help students of all academic grades and ages. This kind of forward motion from such an instrumental start up, sets into motion an entire new abstract of education. One that is based off of a students strengths and weaknesses, not just relative information that the student has to nonchalantly force down their throats.

As such it can also target instructions that are based on their relative strengths and weaknesses. Research indicates that instant feedback is one of the keys to successful tutoring. Through AI-powered platforms such as M-shule’s, students get targeted and instructional learning material on the most basic of devices. Unlike in the past, students can now access a larger window time for interacting with each other.

The way in which M-Shule works is, M-Shule delivers personalized lesson to the student and parent at home through SMS. Student progress and performance are analysed by M-Shule team, then the team share analytics, insights, and reports with the school, teacher, and parent through SMS and web, allowing the student performance to improve through SMS learning and whole community support.

Education has no limits, and AI can help to eliminate boundaries. Technology brings drastic transitions by facilitating the learning of any course from anywhere across the globe and at any time. AI-powered education equips students with fundamental IT skills.

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