Sophos Wielding AI Driven Defense Infrastructure In The Face Of Threats

Are you protecting your IT infrastructure well enough? What is your measure of enough? How do you measure something as dynamic as the safety of the digital world? Truth is, you can. Sophos is here to show you the tools and steps you can take in securing your online world. #HerNovation


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in the era of digitisation. In this era, information is considered to be an economic resource, a key factor in the concept of evolution. There is a certain infographic that shows homoerectus transitioning into the humans of today, except, in his hands, are computers and phones.

Now, this is not otherworldly as it may seem. In todays age, technology is an essential tool for the success or the failure at the individual, organization, societal, national and international level. Therefore, data or information security has become a very important issue and a growing concept that literally affects all sectors without the slightest exception.

Nowadays, our whole lives are broadcast on the internet. From social media to online banking to digital hospital records, every piece of our lives is available on the internet. As with any stride, there are always a number of accompanying drawbacks. Hackers and other nefarious characters can fight to gain access to this information and use it for their own purposes. In essence, this goes to show that cyber security affects everybody, because a large majority of people are on the internet. If you are on the internet, then cyber security affects you.

Sophos have taken the battle against cyber threats and spun it on its head. This is because, they have a new and powerful weapon. This weapon can efficiently analyse user behaviours, deduce a pattern, and identify all sorts of abnormalities or irregularities in the network. With such data, it’s much easier to identify cyber vulnerabilities quickly. Yes, artificial intelligence is the name of the weapon.

Through Sophos AI defense systems, AI has become a critical technology in information security, as AI is able to quickly analyse millions of events and identify many different types of threats – from malware exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities to identifying risky behaviour that might lead to a phishing attack or download of malicious code. These technologies learn over time, drawing from the past to identify new types of attacks now.

Sophos has sponsored the fast approaching Hernovation forum, that will be happening on the 18th of November. The forum will unfold virtually.

As the ecosystem of women in tech is steadily growing, there is still much work to do while we gauge the enormous and widespread impact of the 2020 events on populations and businesses. The push for diversity in organizations is now more pronounced.

And so, what’s in store for HerNovation 2020? For 2020, HerNovation is presenting a virtual forum with a remarkable difference. The invaluable sessions purposes to tackle the latest trends in the evolving IT leadership space, opportunities of innovating your career, as well as providing unique virtual networking opportunities.

HerNovation will host the input of the likes of Sophos and the role they are playing to ensure the playing field is level, allowing more assimilation of women into the tech space.

Register for the HerNovation forum here:


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