Sophos Signs On To Sponsor Cloud And Security Summit

The uptake in business processes supported by cloud services has been well evidenced by organisations using cloud services to store confidential data in the cloud environment. Business and security leaders already face many challenges in protecting their existing IT environment. Can the wide array of cloud benefits square out the security challenges? Yes, but how do the tools, strategies and solutions operate? Find out at the virtual Cloud and Security summit happening on 22nd and 23rd October.


Modern organisations must operate at a bullets pace, delivering new products and services to stay ahead of the competition. Many are understandably choosing to move even further towards cloud computing, as the flexibility and scalability offered by cloud services provide the desired elasticity needed to compete.

For an organisation to have the confidence that it can migrate to the cloud whilst ensuring that vital technological infrastructure is secure, a robust strategy is required. This robust strategy often needs to have security at its core.

Despite a myriad of advantages including cost effectiveness and mobility, there is one recurring drawback, Security. The cloud environment has become an attractive target for cyber attackers, highlighting the pressing need for organisations to enhance their existing security practices.

Obstacles to operating securely in the cloud environment will be deliberated on during the virtual Cloud and Security Summit. Sophos, a global leader in cybersecurity, has developed a new defence strategy against the attack vectors on cloud. It incorporates predicting, adapting and synchronising.

This goes to show that meeting regulatory requirements to protect sensitive data in the cloud environment is part of the puzzle when securing the cloud, hence why Sophos have given it much importance.

The virtual Cloud and Security Forum 2020 is designed to assist in driving an impartial and informed dialogue in the rapidly evolving information security industry.

Having continued to create an environment for making new connections, the summit with visionary speakers at the nexus of new technologies and cyber security solutions purposes to share their insights and demonstrate their ability to safeguard customer data.

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