Sophos banks on synchronised cyber security

Samson Ogada, technical lead, Sophos East Africa

As technology and automation grasp various business processes, allowing for the ease of mobility and an increase in the level of efficiency and productivity, a back door is left open. This back door is the gateway to the ever evolving ransomware and malware. These malicious software’s are designed solely to block access to a computer system, usually until a sum of money is paid. Alternatively, malware can be specifically designed to disrupt, damage or even gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

Over time, these hostile software’s have been on the verge of evolving to newer and newer dimensions. Often the case with security software’s, they are unable to evolve to the level required to battle the malicious software’s. Until now, a new perspective has been developed. Sophos, a cyber security entity, that’s deals with the detection if never before seeing malware, with  anti-exploit capabilities, anti-ransomware capabilities, is taking the battle to the cyber criminals, with endpoint protection, using artificial intelligence and one key factor, the ability to evolve.

Samson Ogada, technical lead at Sophos East Africa, was at hand to say, “the future belongs to those who evolve” before he further outlined “The days where our cyber security solutions worked individually are gone. Synchronized security is the future” This would allow a higher visibility, protection and response rate. The way in which synchronized security works is, Endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email and encryption products, all sharing information in real time and responding automatically to incidents. In turn, allowing for lower cyber risk, enhancing of cross estate visibility while managing an increase in the return on investment.

With cyber criminals always in the process of evolution, cyber security should be the same. Adaptive enough to keep up to the pace of technology, while reactive enough to shield the vulnerable aspects of it.


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