Smartphones are creating a major disruption in the travel industry

The LG square camera guide shot.

Tourists looking to explore new destinations are no longer blindly walking into unknown restaurants and hotels with the hope of landing the new up and comer in the area. The smartphone has become the traveller’s new concierge. Tourists can get access to directions, bookings, maps, guidebooks and even their boarding pass on their phone.

This has created a major shift in the travel industry. Businesses are emphasizing mobile as a core component of their business strategies; and are working to make their products and services mobile friendly. Travel agents have been replaced by online travel websites; which provide tourists with all the information they need.

The worldwide adoption of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices has dramatically changed how we travel. Thanks to global transportation network companies such as Taxify and Uber, tourists no longer have to worry about getting a cab from one location to another. Most of the time, tourists are often subjected to hiked prices. Such initiatives have made the traveller experience more convenient, secure and cost-friendly.

Moreover, social media platforms such as Instagram and snapchat have created a remarkable way of sharing travel experiences. Short videos and pictures have enabled travellers to share sort of a real time feel and ambience of a certain destination. This has led to a whole new era of self-taught bloggers and photographers who have developed the skill of visual storytelling on their smartphone.

Through the advancement of system-on-a-chip technology, smartphones are now equipped with full vision display which has enabled consumers to take videos and photos in a film format.  A new feature on the LG G6 called the Square Camera guide shot allows users to take a photo matching the composition of another photo and upload them to social media.

Mobile technology is constantly changing our daily lives. Gadgets are becoming much smaller and more powerful. With the rise of new innovations in the industry, there’s no telling how many complex tasks your smartphone will be able to perform in the near future.

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