Skills required in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Adam Lane, senior director, public affairs, Huawei

As new and existing technologies evolve, the very fabric of the idea of information and technology is changing. It is changing to suit the increasingly complex business landscape, and it is changing so as to trailblaze a path for a new crop of people who are willing to learn and adapt to the ways of digitization.

With aritifical intelligence, and automation on the horizon, the transformation of entire industries is slowly, but surely beginning. What is certain, is that in order to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution, one will need to develop skills that wukk ve focused in roles such as monitoring and working hand in hand with technology to elevate existing business processes.

Adam Lane, senior director, public affairs at Huawei, speaking at the CIO100 Awards and symposium, affirmed this by saying “The skills required are problem solving critical thinking, and creativity.” Alluding to the notion that through the advancement of technology, newer roles will be birthed and creativity will be the fuel behind the role.

He further went on to say, “To thrive, companies need to focus on their people as much as their technology.” Therefore laying down a path for the understanding that, humans and empathy will most definitely be the core behind business processes, as technology will provide automation and the streamlining of several processes.

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