Serianu hosts cybersecurity fair for schools ahead of East Africa’s Cloud and Security Summit

Nova Pioneer Girls School pose for a group photo after the Cyber Security fair facilitated by Serianu

Serianu purposed to remain on the forefront in warring against cybercrime in Africa; partly owing to unprecedented voluminous loses experienced in the private and public sector.

Following its last year’s partnership to host the premier regional Cyber Security Summit with both CIO East Africa and Rwanda Information Service Authority  (RISA) it clearly emerged from Serianu that investments worth billions experience cyber jolts annually in huge volumes.

This year, a big delegation from across East Africa heads to Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city again for the second regional Cloud and Cyber Security Summit.

The summit themed: Safe and Secure Services Online is lined create awareness and offer timely solutions in taming cyber crime.

Lack of cyber security; online or not is disastrous. And as the first quarter report for 2018/2019 by the Communications Authority of Kenya shows, the National Cyber-security Centre detected 3.82 million cyber threats, a rise from 3.46 million reported between April and June. The CA report further indicated that only 0.17 per cent (6,384) of the total threats have been determined as critical, validated and escalated for action. This shows the vitality of enhancing security.

According to Serianu, it is justifiable to declare Cyber insecurity as an international threat against humanity.  It is against this background that Serianu facilitates a Cyber Immersion training program that aims to arm private and public organizations with the necessary know-how to counter cyber threats in a holistic manner, helping them mitigate the risks and costs associated with cyber disruptions.

Cyber Immersion is designed with the African Cyber Threat Landscape in Mind to benchmark with global training programs and provide an intricate combination of world class content delivered with local text. It started in 2016 for University scholars then would in 2018 and 2019 spread to secondary schools and teachers respectively.

“Cybersecurity skills gap is a huge issue in Africa. Early exposure to Cybersecurity concepts is a great way of mitigating this gap. It’s therefore critical that we empower young people with skills and techniques to Anticipate, detect, respond and contain cyber threats in a fun way.” Brilliant Kaimba, Information Security Analyst.

Serianu offers; Cyber Security Boot Camps and Competitions, Research and Innovation, Cyber Range and Simulations and Training and Labs. The Mission being to engage, educate and empower private and public organizations through research, innovation and training. The Cyber Immersion Clubs target learning institutions as well, which is basically where skills are nurtured for use in the present even foregoing.

To learn more about cloud, join CIO East Africa at the upcoming East Africa Cloud and Security Summit; to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from the 28th-29th of March.

The fair helps train and offer mentorship to students, helps students develop a pipeline of talent and to build students careers in that space. It also helps give exposure to students on cyber security threats and how to mitigate them alongside learning and practicing security concepts in the form of fun-filled game.

The Fair was held at Nova Pioneer Girls School Nairobi who participated alongside their boys counterparts and  Alliance High school. At the fair, students learnt and practiced the basic and advanced “hacking” skills through a series of challenges in a safe and legal environment.

Campus Edition

This club is an intensive, accelerated training program that incorporates various aspects of cyber security with real world exercises drawn from actual cyber intelligence experiences with the goal of producing an outstanding crop of graduates who can quickly and effectively launch careers in cyber security. The program admits exceptional students from different universities to participate in a year-long program where they work directly with Serianu technical professionals on cyber security-related problems.

It  Undergraduate Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Network Security and Information Assurance students as well as curious students.

High School Students

The High School Cyber Immersion club is geared towards students interested in cyber security studies and careers.

It is critical to encourage high school students to pursue studies in cyber security and related fields. High school outreach is a fundamental component of a cohesive cyber security education program within Serianu. It targets High School Students.

After form four, high school students will become mentors to the students within their former school. We will empower them with the necessary training skills and knowledge that they will pass to other students.

High School Teachers

This is a program tailored for secondary school teachers since educators are also faced with the challenge of teaching the current and future generation of students about cybersecurity and privacy, fields which for most of them are relatively new and challenging to learn.








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