Seizing The Opportunity For Seamless Cloud

Cloud computing without a doubt, represents one of the largest paradigm shifts of the last decade. Migrating to the cloud can be challenging and expensive, but is well worth the effort once you have successfully moved your data storage and IT operations to a cloud network. Through the Cloud and Security summit happening today, opportunities on how to migrate securely and seamlessly were revealed. #CIOCSS


To leverage the new possibilities of the ever evolving cloud interfaces, it is vital to rethink the nature and use of essentially all classic ingredients of computing. Including networks, operating systems, or programming models while keeping concerns such as reliability, scalability, or privacy and security in mind.

“Considerations for cloud adoption revolve around interconnected scalability and availability” explained Dan Kwach, Managing Director for Africa Data Centres. This exemplifies how many businesses are choosing to adopt a cloud environment because the flexibility and scalability of the cloud making it a competitive advantage. Plus, moving to the cloud can also help companies expand their operations while mitigating the risks of IT outages and data loss.

“Performance and optimisation is an area that should be tread on carefully, so as to ensure the resources are utilised effectively” averred Kwach. Bringing to light that companies need to analyse their workload and research so that they can know when the time is right to migrate, and which service providers can help them migrate. Evaluating which cloud offerings meet the company’s operational requirements, taking into consideration cost, usability, flexibility, scalability, security, and access.

“Clients should be in control, and have the ability to access, manage infrastructure resources in an easy way” concluded Kwach. Alluding to how having a clear migration strategy is the most important element of a successful plan.

The Cloud and Security summit offered an immersive platform where the sector IT leaders from both the supply and demand side met and interacted. Making sure to not miss out on the opportunity to position their businesses as a market leader. The event was designed to assist in driving an impartial and informed dialogue in the rapidly evolving information security industry, which it did, to a great success.


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