Security For Your Data Center

Join CIO East Africa on 17 June 2020 at 3.00 PM EAT at a free to attend webinar to demystify security for the datacenter.


On Thursday, 18th June 2020, at 3.00 PM EAT, CIO East Africa shall host a webinar on data centre security or the lack of it.

Themed Protecting The Data Center, the webinar invites experts to elaborate security best practices for data centres, including the array of technologies and practices used to protect a facility’s physical infrastructure and network systems from external and internal threats.

Join us in this high-profile discussion hosting Yaron Weiler, the Product Manager at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, and Chibuzo Mbuka, the Presales Director Africa, at DataGroupIT, to learn more.

Chibuzo leads a team of highly skilled cybersecurity specialists across West, East, and Southern Africa at DataGroupIT. He has more than ten years of experience in product management, information security, leadership, and technology space. Yaron has 20 years’ experience in product management in Cyber Security, semi-conductors and telecom. With a strong engineering background in software & system architecture, Yaron is experienced in managing strategic roadmap & portfolio of products.

“Because data centres hold very sensitive and proprietary information, such as intellectual property and customer data, sites have to be both digitally and physically secured,” said Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa, who will be moderating the one -hour session on data centre security. Adding, “Data centres provide services such as data storage, backup and recovery, data management and networking thus must be safe at all times.”

The Forcepoint notes that datacenter security can either be physical in which case, access into a data centre facility is somewhat limited by erecting outside perimeters and having relatively few entry points, or software, where data is cushioned against hacking malware and spyware. It adds that creating secure zones in the network is one way to layer security into the data centre. “The most effective security solutions for data centres is including both physical and virtual security tools,” it states. Since the equipment housed in the datacentre is as sensitive as it is bulky, security components must be considered separately with one holistic security policy.


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