Science fiction is the new science of fact

Eddie Ryan, Specialist Systems Engineer, VMWare South Africa

As the market trends change from an old three tier architecture into an application infrastructure, systems are aligning towards digitisation in this era of digital transformation

A quick chat with the Specialist Systems Engineer for VMWare South Africa, Eddie Ryan, puts context into this whole new shift as he asserts that Science of fiction gradually evolved into the science of facts with the realization that achieving more took longer with the traditional tier three architectural level compared to application design. The deviation from over dependency on certain services and the extraction of that into hypervisor made it out loud that better performance could be produced to the end user, taking market to business faster or the vice versa. Now that is the science of facts!

“From a traditional perspective, digitization would mean downtime and a storage migration. VMWare provides Software Policy Based Management (SPBM) to a VM or even VMDK level, that changes policies on the fly without downtime, making it adaptive to change and providing the data or applications with the requirements it needs. All this get automated once configured and assigned allowing no room for human error.”

Eddie Ryan

Eddie notes that this advancement calls for compliance that is the adoption of worthy application requires. The biggest leaps to becoming digitalized it getting liquid to the worthy application requires with reduced performance and or availability. Applications and data requires performance and availability. Some applications are three-tier while the construct of some databases or applications require both policies. This is key especially when up to meet the end user’s expectations.

About vSAN technology, he mentions that it is currently on the seventh generation and still moving, with every new release adding new features to vSAN alongside enriching the existing features. All the features of vSAN evolve when enterprise ready.

The vSAN he says, has an architecture that is a huge benefit at the market right now and that does not require VM storage as its performance is based on vSAN solutions. He predicts that in the near future, people would be more dependent on a software to find storage solution utilizing vSAN.

“vSAN guarantees quicker performance, stability and efficiency so then when one sets up applications on their mobile phones or laptops, they get access to those application anyway and at any stage being operational at all times. For example, while lying on the beach, one would still have access to their mobile data workloads or just have connectivity to their organization from any device.” Eddie Ryan

Ryan has a conviction that 2019 is going to be big on technology, especially on software defined data center technologies, like vCloud foundation. He says that due the mass focus right now for shifting to the cloud, especially from an IWA perspective, vCloud Foundation is worthwhile for the migration from a private data center into a public data center. The vCloud foundation that is running natively into the cloud will absolutely make the transition back to a privatizer much easier for the end user. This is a major focus heading into 2019!

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