SAP releases Transportation Management and Extended Warehouse Management System to deliver enhanced Digital Logistics


SAP has announced new capabilities in transportation and warehouse management that will help customers seamlessly operate their logistics processes and supply management systems.

With the integration of the SAP Global Batch Traceability application, the latest releases of the SAP Transportation Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management solutions help customers streamline the entire logistic process, by allowing them to extend their supply chain execution platform and trace batches end to end, over multiple process steps and locations.

Moreover, the supply chain execution platform’s new capabilities reduce transportation costs and increase productivity and fulfillment speed. Innovations enhance the connection to smart devices in the Internet of Things, allowing access to more data for greater insight across the digital supply chain.

Enhancements to SAP Transportation Management include a single user interface for air cargo security for improved user productivity. Customers also can add additional parameters, such as flexible stop durations, to optimize scheduling processes.

This improves freight scheduling and raises productivity through configuration options in the transportation cockpit. The advanced planning innovations help businesses in various industries optimize flexible vehicle space capacity.

Enhanced analytics in SAP Extended Warehouse Management provides managers with greater visibility and insights into key performance indicators, such as outbound delivery items, service level analysis and warehouse capacity usage.

This aids warehouse workers in handling smaller yet more complex and frequent shipments, by enabling them to complete operational steps in a single, easy-to-use new SAP Fiori app. The new app also allows flexible picking for multiple customer orders in a single pick run.

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