Samsung partners with Oliver Kahn to enhance the digital soccer experience on Smart TVs


Samsung Electronics GmbH has launched a campaign with German soccer star Oliver Kahn to promote its smart TVs ahead of the start of the upcoming soccer season.

Oliver Kahn, the former goalkeeper, football expert and entrepreneur, is the new face of Samsung’s QLED TV, and representative of the new ways in which sports fans can enjoy the digital soccer experience, right from the comfort of their living room.

In addition to serving as brand ambassador for Samsung, Kahn features in his new Goalplay app available exclusively on Samsung’s QLED TVs. The app helps users discover soccer content across a range of sources on the TV, from broadcast to streaming video on demand (VOD). It also offers insights from Kahn such as goalkeeping tips and match analysis.

“The QLED TV’s Smart Hub interface is one of the most mature on the market, and the One Remote Control makes navigating the platform incredibly intuitive,“ said Oliver Kahn, CEO of Goalplay. “As someone who enjoys watching television, I find this to be a key criterion in addition to picture quality and design. That’s why I decided to launch my new app exclusively on Samsung’s QLED TVs.”

The Goalplay app will be launched on Samsung’s QLED TVs from the beginning of 2017/18 season in Germany this summer.

Source: German Newsroom


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