SageBizBuilding: Are your Systems functional? The growth in your business will tell us…

Kris Senanu, Chairman BlackRock Capital speaking at the Sage Event

Future-Proofing Your Business is something every business has to keep at the back of their mind whether you’re a startup, SME or an enterprise. The answer to the ‘How’ is Systems.

According to Kris Senanu, Chairman BlackRock Capital, a business is a business when you can put systems in place that will run without you and still make profit.

Speaking at the Future-Proof Your Business event organized by Sage, he outlined what systems do to ensure growth of your business and discussed the four phases that will ensure you future-proof your business.

“Future-proofing your business is about setting the right fundamentals to grow your business to the next level and for your business to succeed good practices, great customer service and systems are critical. Though one thing I have learnt is that turbulence in business is the only constant we know,”Kris stated.

The first phase is Startup – Idea, Systems, People, second is Growth- Innovation, People, Systems, third is Maturity-Automation, People Systems and fourth being Exit-Automation, People, Systems.

Mr. Senanu further stated that one should be critical when it comes to deciding if the business is not yielding and stated that clarity, vision, commitment and execution should help the founder to address that.

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