Sage session allows for discussions on how to drive businesses forward

Nikki Summers, regional director at Sage East Africa, during the Sage Sessions on September 10th

Sage Kenya organized a forum that revolved around the various ways in which business practitioners within the region can, network with peers, converse with local experts, attain practical advice on business building and learn tricks that may be relevant to their field of work.

The event took place at the Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel, on 10thSeptember 2019. It was at the forefront of facilitating concrete, actionable solutions to business practitioners who were seeking to expand their businesses, with strategies that were growth oriented, relying on the smart management of resources, money and people.

Ms. Nikki Summers, Sage’s regional director, was confident in Sage’s ability to deliver customer based solutions that ensure joint success through the advent of Sage’s business cloud platforms. The software is aimed at easing financials, accounting, management and even people. It is specifically designed to meet the complex needs of every company, leveraging on technology and online interfaces to support their core solutions.

“We want to create a marketplace, where developers can leverage on the latest technologies” said Ms Nikki Summers. Business wide visibility over sales, operational and financial customer service departments was also guaranteed, with Ms Ninette Kungu, the customer success manager at Sage East Africa, assuring the business practitioners in the audience that they understand the value of the modern day customer. “We are aware that the customer today, is more informed than ever in history”

Mr Paul Githuka, head of innovation at the M-pesa foundation academy, was at hand to say “Tech is a central pillar at the academy, Sage have helped us by delivering software that will help students when running their businesses” he then went on to elaborate the way in which Sage have administered an online interface for the institution that have made them almost 100% wireless.

Sage’s work in assisting the digital transformation, is in line with the country’s vision to expand the economy’s digital footprint.

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