Safaricom simplifies M-PESA Integration to provide growth opportunities for businesses


Safaricom announced the release of an M-PESA Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) portal to enable businesses to easily integrate with M-PESA in the country.

Dubbed Daraja, the portal will bencutting down the more than 60 days it took businesses to link to M-PESA.

“The simplified onboarding process will enable both small and large businesses to integrate to M-PESA as a payment platform for their businesses with ease,” said Bob Collymore, CEO Safaricom.

Through Daraja, businesses can now seamlessly integrate both Lipa Na M-PESA BuyGoods and PayBill cashless payments into mobile phone applications, websites, point of sale terminals and other business solutions. 

Developers looking to integrate and create new innovations around M-PESA will similarly enjoy a more streamlined process, including the ability to easily plug to M-PESA using friendly programming languages. The Daraja portal will enable developers to self-manage and access the APIs, as well as to test their code before fully deploying their applications.


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