Safaricom introduces IT Security Solutions for Enterprise Customers


The advancement in technology and faster internet penetration has made things easier and convenient for businesses and individuals alike but has also brought with it the risk of smart attcks by hackers or simply put, cyber-attacks. Hackers use computers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data with the sole aim of committing crimes.


This calls for proctection against such attacks that more often than not, lead to massive losses. Safaricom has in response, announced protection to its enterprise customers, who will now access a wide range of security solutions to protect their information technology (IT) systems. With the new service, companies, enterprises, and individuals can secure their emails, websites, manage vulnerabilities, test and audit I.T systems and access real time monitoring among other services


The services include Managed Security Solutions, Security Assurance and Advisory services as well as Managed Security Operations Center solutions.


“We realise that customers all have unique needs and different budget levels. Our I.T cybersecurity solutions are designed to cater for each customer’s needs so that they can get the best value and strategically select their solutions. We are excited to see that the solution is gathering interest with some of our customers in the financial services and transport industires already signing up for the service,” Said Bob Collymore Chief Executive Officer, Safaricom.


A new global cyber security Report from Vodafone highlights that the more cyber ready a business becomes, the better its overall business outcomes. According to the Cyber Ready Barometer 48% of cyber ready businesses are reporting more than 5% increases in annual revenue as well as high stakeholder trust levels.  Despite this, the research also shows that only 24% of businesses globally could reasonably call themselves cyber ready.


“The fifth generation of the cyber landscape gives criminals a wider attack surface and thus more opportunities to take advantage of it. In addition, new vulnerabilities, whether through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, mean both organisations and consumers alike need to be aware of the risks mobile devices pose”, said Jeremy Kaye, Head of Mobile Security, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd in their 2018cybersecurity report


In its 2017 Internet Security Report, Software Company Symantec reported that malicious emails were the weapon of choice for a wide range of cyber-attacks in 2016, used by everyone from state- sponsored cyber espionage groups to mass-mailing ransomware gangs. According to the report one in 131 emails sent were malicious, the highest rate in five years.

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